- Carol,  Keaau

"Publicly Owned Utilities work well in any Community. Solar Energy is available for all. Hawaii needs both, and we need them NOW! "

- Travis,  Kailua

"HEI is a for-profit company who is interested in pleasing their shareholders, not their customers! We cannot sit back and watch as a company destroys our environment and drains our wallets. The time is now to set up a sustainable and community owned utility company. Clean power is within reach, don't let any company tell you otherwise!"

- Ann,  Honolulu

"Local ownership because we understand our own needs and resources. "

- Betty,  Honolulu

"After decades of the highest prices and very limited responsiveness to customer concerns, we deserve utilities that serve the people of Hawaii first and foremost. Our unnecessarily high prices have harmed our business environment and make life even harder for the poorest among us. I am honored to be a board member of HIUC (Hawaii Island Utility Coop). "

- Tlaloc, Kailua Kona

- Elliot, Honolulu

"HEI has been incorporated for 124 years and the planet can't take another century of emissions backed by a mainland corporation who has proven that they will do everything in their power to prevent access to solar on homes! Let's keep it local and make sure that our ohana have the right to choose what is best for their pocketbooks and best for our islands! "

- Lisa, Kailua

"I worry about NextEra having bad intentions in our state - they have a track record of buying politicians and using their influence to grease the wheels of their business."

- Blake, Haleiwa

"As informed customers and residents we have a better understanding of our energy vision and energy requirements than do outside investors. This is a timely opportunity for residents and customers to become actively involved in the energy decision-making affecting our lives, environment, and future."

- Eloise, Haiku

"Utilities are best owned by the public."

Kulolo is a hui of concerned groups, such as The Alliance for Solar Choice and Sierra Club  Hawai'i, and individuals who believe we need to start a conversation about public ownership of our utilities.

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The faces of kulolo

"The energy and "mana" in each of Hawaii's residents must be fused together, to light the way, for a bright and sustainable future. It is in our power, to keep Hawaii's power in the hands of its people. "

-  Jeff, Manoa

"I want our utilities to recognize that their kuleana is to serve the people of Hawai'i and our goals for 100% clean energy."

-  Thomas, Oahu

-  Steve, Kailua Kona

"Why settle for another monopoly utility that ships profits out of Hawaii? We are facing a time of remarkable change and public ownership will allow us to shape our energy future best."

- Jennifer, Hilo

"HUI's make sure we benefit from our power co. not mainland investors... Efficiency, conservation, renewables is our path to self reliance "

- Carol, Keaau

"There is an abundance of water and energy all around us. we should help every home become more self sufficient and integrated to the community."

-  Carlo, Honolulu

"Let's follow the Kaua'i system. Owned by ourselves."

-  Chas, Honolulu

-  Marcus, Oahu

-  Ronald, Aiea

"In the future most of our electricity should come from renewable sources such as the sun, wind, geothermal, wave or ocean current, etc. No company should be able to control those renewable resources to make a profit. ...The utility company is becoming a "dinosaur" and there will be less need for it in the future."

- Annette, Kailua

"Hawaii should be the leading state in the nation to embrace alternative energy. We will not be able to do that with the current utility and its old-fashioned model and for sure it won't happen with a merger with NextEra. We need a co-op with local residents making the decisions. "

- State Senator Russel Ruderman, Keaau

"Publicly Owned Utilities work well in any Community. Solar Energy is available for all. Hawaii needs both, and we need them NOW! "

- Dwight, Honolulu

-  Robert, Paauilo

"Together, We, the people of Hawaii, have the power to bring the power back to the people of Hawaii."

"Let's have folks here making decisions about here!!"

"Let's put Hawaii's energy future in our own hands. We are grown up enough to make our own choices and take control of the decisions that will be affecting our lives.  "

"We have photovoltaic and want Hawaii to support solar for everyone. Make a Publicly Owed Utility a reality here, and keep the money here." 

"Utilities being under local control, serving the best interest of the communities it serves versus shareholders that only care about profit. To gain control of the energy agenda of a 100% renewable distributed power versus central power it must be locally owned."