- State Senator Russel Ruderman, Keaau

"After decades of the highest prices and very limited responsiveness to customer concerns, we deserve utilities that serve the people of Hawaii first and foremost. Our unnecessarily high prices have harmed our business environment and make life even harder for the poorest among us. I am honored to be a board member of HIUC (Hawaii Island Utility Coop). "

- Evan, Kailua

"As a former HECO employee, I saw firsthand how private profits were constantly put before public interest. Publicly owned utilities could make our entire government more efficient."

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Over a hundred years ago, King David Kalakaua laid the groundwork for a locally-owned electrical system that helped Hawai'i grow and succeed. Hawai'i is now at a similar crossroad. Let’s keep our local power and money in the hands of the people of Hawai’i, where it can be reinvested into growing our economy and lowering costs for everyone.

Our goal:

Public ownership of Hawai’i’s utilities should be on the table as we move forward with our clean energy future. We think this best serves the public interest. We’re tired of big, monopolistic corporations that focus only on their profits. Publicly-owned utilities, like Sacramento Municipal Utility District, have proven they can lower rates and have high customer satisfaction ratings.

Keep the power in Hawai'i's hands, where it belongs.

welcome to kulolo

Kulolo stands for 'keep our utilities locally owned and locally operated.'  Kulolo is a hui of concerned groups and individuals who want to see a true public interest option on the table: the public acquisition of the Hawaiian electric utilities. Let's work together to keep our power in the hands of the people of Hawai’i.